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Letter of Recommendation

Click here to read a letter of recommendation from Linda Ruest, Instructional Specialist at Williamsville CSD and Director of Professional Learning of the NYS Middle School Association.

Organizations & PTSA Groups

“Ronna brought  to light what we as parents need to know to keep our kids safe.”

“She really knew her stuff. I will be making changes as soon as I get home.”

“She made me more aware of what I was NOT doing.”

Girl Scouts – “She talked to our troop for 2 hours and we could have gone longer. My troop was able to obtain their ‘social media’ badge. These girls are just starting to use social media and I know they will be more cautious because of what Ronna taught.”


“I thought I was being safe online but I wasn’t.”

“I didn’t think about my future in relation to what I was posting online.”

“I’m not 13 and have 3 social media accounts. After I heard Mrs. Glickman speak I went home and got off all my social media.”

“When I took a break from social media I felt more relaxed. I didn’t realize how much time I wasted online until she challenged us to complete a graph of how much time we spent online.”

“I liked when she talked to our class because I am very shy and I won’t ask a question in front of a lot of my classmates.”

“My family now has a safe word we use in case I ever need to use the word.”

“I learned ‘privacy’ doesn’t mean your account is private.”

“I didn’t know that colleges and employers would look at my social media accounts.   I’m going to clean up my Instagram. No post is worth not getting into college or getting a job.”

“I know I’m supposed to keep my phone in my locker all day but I don’t. I didn’t realize the whole time it was on my body I was getting radiation while connected to the school WiFi.”

Professional Development

“I always take Ronna’s classes whether it be anti-bullying, social media safety or mental health issues. She is very passionate and enthusiastic about what she teaches. I always have many take-aways that I put to use in my classes.”

“Ronna really knows what’s going on with middle schoolers and social media. After taking her classes I have a better understanding of what my students are doing online and it’s scary.”

“Ronna makes me a better teacher.”

“I didn’t consider myself a reader until I took Ronna’s professional class. Now I love reading YA literature and it helps me understand my students better.”

“I take Ronna’s classes wearing two hats: one as a teacher and one as a parent.”

“This is the 3rd year Ronna has taken her own time and talked to the 5th grade students. Once she learned they were getting a 1:1 device, she came right down and scheduled appointments to meet with all 6 5th grade classes. Not just once, but throughout the year.”

“There was a situation with a few of my students and bullying online. I talked with Ronna about it and the next time she came in she read a book to the class and had a great discussion about the dangers of online bullying.”

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